Parasitic wasps
In early June I was finding Aphid Mummies (pic 1), the shells of parasitised aphids, on the surface of leaves in several locations.  I took one home and yesterday the wasp emerged (pics 2 and 3).  The genus known to be responsible for this effect is Aphidius.  There are twenty species referenced on NBN but only three species are recorded, and there is only one (1982) Scottish record.  They are obviously quite common, but from the maps I would surmise that no work has been done on them except in the Sheffield area.  Superficially, my wasp doesn't seem to  resemble any of the three species.

On a similar vein, the other two pictures show the remains of what is probably a parasitised caterpillar and the chalcid wasps which emerged.  Again yesterday!

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There are very few folk brave enough to do Parasitica, Neil, and the number you can do to species from pics is very small. The lack of records on NBNA is more a reflection of the lack of ID expertise than lack of the wasps.

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