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  An astonishing discovery
Posted by: Murdo Macdonald - 05-10-2020, 06:46 AM - Forum: Vascular plants - No Replies

A lesson in the importance of keeping your eyes alert and your mind open is in this paper.

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  On-line RBGE lectures
Posted by: Murdo Macdonald - 02-10-2020, 07:58 PM - Forum: Vascular plants - No Replies

RBGE is running a series of virtual lectures over the next several weeks.  This one on carnivorous plants caught my eye.   The others are:

Trailblazers: the story of the Botanics early leaders

Thur 15 October, 6pm
As we celebrate our 350th anniversary, learn more about the fascinating characters who helped create the Botanics. In this online talk, discover how they transformed the Garden over four centuries and helped to develop the Botanics into today's world leading research organisation with a global remit.
Around the Botanics in 350 years
Thur 22 October, 6pm
Join the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh's current Regius Keeper, Simon Milne, as he shares highliights, low lights and anecdotes about the 350 year history of the Garden and its people.

A Global Garden: the Botanics and its international connections
Thur 5 November, 6pm
Join us to take a look at some of the people and the plants that have shaped the Garden over the past 200 years to make it an institution of global importance, focussing particularly on China, India, South America, the Middle East and Turkey.
Halting Plant Extinction - a collaborative debate held with the Royal Society of Edinburgh
The threat of bio-diversity loss through species extinction now regularly makes front page news. To better understand the threats and opportunities we face in protecting plant bio-diversity, join the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh and the Royal Society of Edinburgh at this online event.

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