TRY! targets - Current maps
Some of our old 'Species of the Month' targets are included.

The map on the left shows the situation up to 2009.  That on the right is the current situation.  Comparison shows the impact of our recording effort.  Only HBRG data are used here.

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Bramble Rust Fungus (1) Birch Felt-mite Gall Hawthorn Shieldbug St Mark's Fly
Bramble Rust Fungus (2) Robin's Pincushion Spiked Shieldbug Heather Fly
Nettle Clustercup Gall Beech Leaf-gall Midge Forest Bug Bee-fly
Alder Tongue-gall Smooth Spangle Gall Orange-spot Piercer A tachinid fly
Bird Cherry Fungal Gall Silk-button Gall Bee Beetle Shieldbug Fly
Alder-leaf Fungus Gall Common Spangle Gall   Noon Fly
Holly Speckle Fungus Oak Knopper Gall    
Celandine Clustercup Rust Beech Leaf-Mining Weevil   New Zealand Flatworm
Bitter Chocolate Rust Holly Leaf Miner    
  Laburnum Leaf-miner    

The National Biodiversity Network records from the HBRG Datasets are shown on the maps above. (See terms and conditions).

HBRG and the NBN Trust bear no responsibility for any further analysis or interpretation of the information in the maps.

We acknowledge the help of Jim Bacon (CEH)  and Duncan Rowland (NBN) in adapting the NBN Easy Maps Widget for our needs.

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