Bumblebees, Ants, and Social Wasps
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Bumblebees Ants
Bombus barbutellus Barbut's Cuckoo-bumblebeemaps  records Formica aquilonia Scottish Wood-antmaps  records
Bombus bohemicus Gypsy Cuckoo-bumblebeemaps  records Formica exsecta Narrow-headed Antmaps  records
Bombus campestris Field Cuckoo-bumblebeemaps  records Formica fusca a black antmaps  records
Bombus cryptarum Cryptic Bumblebeemaps  records Formica lemani a black antmaps  records
Bombus distinguendus Great Yellow Bumblebeemaps  records Formica lugubris Hairy Wood-antmaps  records
Bombus hortorum Garden Bumblebeemaps  records Formica sanguinea Slave-making Antmaps  records
Bombus hypnorum Tree Bumblebeemaps  records Formicoxenus nitidulus Shining Guest Antmaps  records
Bombus jonellus Heath Bumblebeemaps  records Lasius flavus Yellow Meadow Antmaps  records
Bombus lapidarius Red-tailed Bumblebeemaps  records Lasius fuliginosus a black antmaps  records
Bombus lucorum White-tailed Bumblebeemaps  records Lasius mixtus a yellow antmaps  records
Bombus magnus N White-tailed Bumblebeemaps  records Lasius niger Common Black Antmaps  records
Bombus monticola Blaeberry Bumblebeemaps  records Lasius platythorax a black antmaps  records
Bombus muscorum Moss Cardermaps  records Leptothorax acervorum Slender Antmaps  records
Bombus pascuorum Common Cardermaps  records Myrmica lobicornis a red antmaps  records
Bombus pratorum Early Bumblebeemaps  records Myrmica lonae a red antmaps  records
Bombus ruderarius Red-shanked Cardermaps  records Myrmica rubra a red antmaps  records
Bombus soroeensis Broken-belted Bumblebeemaps  records Myrmica ruginodis a red antmaps  records
Bombus sylvestris Forest Cuckoo-bumblebeemaps  records Myrmica sabuleti a red antmaps  records
Bombus terrestris Buff-tailed Bumblebeemaps  records Myrmica scabrinodis a red antmaps  records
   Myrmica sulcinodis a red antmaps  records
   Tetramorium caespitum Turf Antmaps  records
Social Wasps
Dolichovespula norwegica Norwegian Waspmaps  records Dolichovespula saxonica Saxon Waspmaps  records
Dolichovespula sylvestris Tree Waspmaps  records Vespa crabro Hornetmaps  records
Vespula austriaca Cuckoo Waspmaps  records Vespula germanica German Waspmaps  records
Vespula rufa Red Waspmaps  records Vespula vulgaris Common Waspmaps  records

Top left: HBRG records only.  Bottom left: all Highland records on NBN Atlas.  Right: all records on NBN Atlas.
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