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House-fly   Whisky Fungus

The Summer Challenge - find a House-fly.

Time to think of our summer challenge, and to start, here is a reminder of the need to discover more about the House-fly
Musca domestica.  The past two years have produced several records across our area, but it is clearly a very scarce fly in the country as a whole.  Read more ...   Back to the top.


Photo © Alvegaspar, source.


Photo © James Scott, CC0 1.0, source.
The Whisky Fungus

A very interesting fungus which thrives on alcohol vapours - the Whisky Fungus
Baudoinia compniacensis - has slipped under the radar of mycologists for a long time. As the name suggests, we should have a proprietary interest here in Highland, and we are putting some effort into determining its distribution.

The developing map Map shows what we know so far (correct to 8 March 2017).

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