Whisky Fungus
Although the Whisky Fungus Baudoinia compniacensis has been known since the 19th Century from the Cognac wine-making region, it was only formally recognised in Britain in 2007.  Amazingly, it has slipped under the radar of mycologists, and we are only now beginning to document its distribution.  Lawyers have more knowledge of its distribution - see the link below.

We have confirmed samples from Orkney to Ayrshire, and others pending confirmation.  All the distilleries in our area are being targeted by local recorders, but anyone who might suspect it around breweries or large bakeries might want to collect a sample for examination.  Scrape some of the black crust, wrap it in tissue, and contact for further information.

The following links will provide a wealth of background: description, physiology, work for lawyers, Wikipedia.


A bonded warehouse covered in

Photo © Richard Webb, CC BY-SA 2.0, source.

A Sycamore twig coated in

Photo © Roger Griffith, CC BY-SA 3.0, source.
Thanks to Helen Bell, Derek Mayes, David McAllister, Mary Legg, Stephen Bungard and Stewart Taylor for collecting samples, and to Bruce Ing for confirming their identity.
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